Unlock your potential,
explore the possibilities
of a creative life

'See' art with your heart not your head. Let go of your assumptions and free your mind. 'Creating' art isn't about drawing well. It's an invitation to explore different expressions and expand your mind and senses - to see more and feel more. EGAKU is an art program which unleashes and nurtures the creativity we all possess through the repeated practice of 'seeing' and 'creating' art. Creativity is like a muscle, it requires training and continued practice. It's an exciting and never-ending journey - a creative journey. What potential will you uncover inside yourself? Where will this journey take you? Start your journey - channel your inner child and follow your curiosity.

Program overview

プログラムの流れ*Please note the language of instruction is Japanese, however, we offer English interpretation for non-Japanese speakers.

Is EGAKU for me?

  1. You like art and you're curious about creative approaches to learningExperience the excitement and challenge of creative self-expression driven by curiosity rather than fear
  2. You want to explore your potential, and reimagine and transform the way you work and liveDiscover who you are, what drives you and how this fits into what you want to do, your purpose in life and in work
  3. You want to nurture your creativity and expand your capacity to feel, to live life fullyExpand your boundaries - the way you think and feel, and develop the ability to connect your imagination with creation
  4. You want to expand and deepen your ability to communicate and relate to othersDiscover the possibilities of non-verbal communication and develop a deeper understanding of the importance of verbal communication
  5. You want to build creative confidence and an greater sense of autonomy and purposeDevelop the courage to create your own answers, and confidence to pursue what's important to you

EGAKU - Single session

Experience EGAKU as a one-off session. "I'm not the artistic type" "As a kid I was terrible at art" - does this sound like you? Even (or particularly) if art really isn't your thing, come try out one of our sessions.
Come discover the thrill and wonder of art.
Please note: You can register for these single sessions as many times as you want.

VenueWhite Ship,Inc. -office & gallery-6F Terasawa Bld, 1-7-17 Moto-Akasaka,Minatoku, Tokyo
Tel : 03-6434-9785
Capacity24 seats (advanced registration is required)
Program fee11,000 yen (inclusive of consumption tax)
- Includes all art supplies and wooden picture frame.
- The program fee is payable by credit card when you register for the program online.  
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- This program is designed for individual participants. Please contact us regarding pricing for private EGAKU sessions for corporate training purposes.
- The fee is subject to change without notice.

TOTSUKITOKA 10-month EGAKU Intensive Course

Continued practice is core to getting the most out of the EGAKU experience. TOTSUKITOKA is a 10-month course designed to grow your seeds of creativity. Every month, you will engage with different themes, and through a dialogue with yourself you will discover unknown possibilities and connect this to a dynamic and fulfilling approach to work and life.

Features designed to enhance the learning experience

  • 10 EGAKU sessions – attend 1 session a month over 10 months (the course does not have to be completed in 10 months, option to skip or reschedule sessions.)
  • One-on-one reflection session: 1-hour private session with course instructor reflecting on your experience and insights
Course registrationRolling enrollment
(Start the course at any time.)
Course fee104,500 yen (inclusive of consumption tax)
- Includes all art supplies, frames and course materials.
- The program fee is payable by credit card when you register for the program online.
Click here for our cancellation policy
- The fee is subject to change without notice.