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Unleashing our power to imagine and create the future
Empowering us to navigate uncertain times

The oldest records of human art-making can be traced back to cave paintings, many dating back over 30,000 or even 60,000 years. In the Ice Age, a time when there were no readymade art materials, a time when it was a struggle to simply survive – why were our ancestors painting pictures?

EGAKU® is an art-based learning program which emerged from artist Kunihiko Yazawaʼs enquiry into the meaning of this basic human act that is art-making: Why do humans paint pictures? Why do we make art? To date, people of all ages and walks of life have taken part in the program, including students, business professionals, executives and entrepreneurs. Over the years we have discovered that EGAKU® can help develop individualsʼ creative thinking and creative communication skills – essential skills in these uncertain and complex times.

EGAKU® combines cognitive science, adult development psychology and systems thinking, to help individuals unleash their innate creativity, nurture their authentic selves and empower them to navigate an uncertain and complex world.