Privacy Policy

At White Ship, Inc. ("White Ship", "our company", "us", "our", "we") we place great importance on the protection of personal information ("Personal Information" refers to information that could identify you as an individual), in addition to complying with all laws, regulations, ordinances and guidelines related to the protection of personal information ("privacy laws") we will strive to protect personal information as outlined in the following privacy policy ("Policy").

1. On the collection of Personal Information
We only use appropriate methods for collecting Personal Information - we do not engage in any false or illegal collection methods.
2. How we use Personal Information we gather
We acquire Personal Information as necessary in the course of undertaking our business and that Personal Information will be used for the following purposes:
 1. Responding to enquiries and questions about our company and our services;
 2. Notifications of exhibitions, events, seminars we organize;
 3. Creating internal corporate materials which make use of the Personal Information by incorporating it into aggregated data (age, gender etc.).
We may also on occasion collect Personal Information for a separately disclosed purpose, in this event in addition to the purposes stated above, the Personal Information will be used for the specifically disclosed purpose.
3. Security and management
We will take every reasonable measure to protect Personal Information from leakage, destruction and loss.
4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
Except where required by law, we do not disclose any individual's Personal Information to a third party without the consent of that individual.
5. Disclosure and correction of information
In the event that any individual in respect of whom we hold Personal Information contacts us to request the notification, disclosure, cessation of use of the data, we will, without delay, except where otherwise required by law, comply with the request. In such an event, if we are unable to confirm the identity of the individual making such a request, we will have to decline the request.
6. Further enquiries
All requests in relation to the notification, disclosure, correction and cessation of use of an individual's Personal Information, and any inquiries or concerns regarding our handling of Personal Information should be addressed to us at the address below:
White Ship, Inc.
6F Terasawa Building, 1-7-17 Moto-Akasaka
Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan TEL:03-6434-9785
7. Revisions to the policy
We will review and improve our handling of personal information as necessary, and subject to changes in the law.
Our most current privacy policy will always be posted on this website.

Updated June 4, 2014
Created June 1, 2006
Kimi Hasebe
CEO, White Ship, Inc.