We ran EGAKU for the Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership (ToTAL) for the second year in a row.
ToTAL is a unique initiative set up by the Tokyo Institute of Technology with the mission to develop global leaders with highly specialized areas of expertise. Even amongst the many cutting edge programs offered at specially appointed professor Keisuke Yamada such as Lean Launchpad, Programming Bootcamp, Future Foresight, Design Thinking - EGAKU occupies a unique and important position the curriculum.
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This year’s participants were a diverse mix of nationalities and cultural backgrounds, and also included graduate students from other universities such as Hitotsubashi University and Keio University.  It was an extremely dynamic session where students connected with their inner creativity whilst also recognizing each others’ differences.
Below are some of the participants’ comments:

  • "It’s not only words that convey feelings and thoughts - in fact words alone aren’t enough.  It made me want to rethink how to relate to myself, and how to relate others."
  • "It made me realize that perhaps you can’t judge something from a single viewpoint.   From now on, I want to live life with my eyes open to the unpleasant parts of the things I like, and the pleasant aspects of the things I hate." 
  • "I was moved by seeing other people’s pictures.  Each person is living their life holding so many thoughts and feelings - what a wonderful world!" 
  • "I would like to keep reminding myself that others have similar feelings, anxieties, strengths and weaknesses as myself."
  • "I will try to keep my mind open and listen to other people’s perspectives."
  • "(Going forward) Try to do something I haven’t done. And be braver to express myself."

Theme: Things That Drive You
Program details: EGAKU Program
Participants: 25 participants - undergraduate and graduate students
Venue: White Ship -Office & 9201 Gallery-
Host institution: Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership (ToTAL)
Facilitator: Kimi Hasebe
Staff: Hiromi Ito, Ryoko Nakamura
※ This program was run by White Ship’s non-profit arm, ELAB.