At Sekimachi Kita Elementary School where we run the EGAKU Workshop every year, this year 
we also had 1st and 2nd grade students paint "My heart/soul". 

"Your soul's invisible, but I wonder what color it is? Let's try and imagine." 
They pondered over Professor Kuni's questions and the result was 18 worlds expressing their

The children appeared to be surprised by each other's creations and wrote many appreciation
comments in response to the works. 
They also presented the titles to their works somewhat bashfully but proudly. 

Among them were children who participated last year, and we had many children tell us:
"We want to do this again next year!" - something we're looking forward to.

Lastly, we'd like to share some comments, reflections we received from them:
・I thought that even though we all have hearts, inside each one is completely different.
・Even though it's my second time, it was really hard. I think I understood my soul.
・Everyone painted beautiful pictures. I want to come again. 
・I understood that each one of us has different souls, and that no one has the same soul.
・I noticed that my heart is totally different to last year. 
・I'm glad that I could feel how my heart is, and paint it. 
・It was even more wonderful than last year. I want to come again next year.

Theme: My heart/soul
Program overview: EGAKU Program
Participants: 18 elementary school students, grades 1-2
Venue: Sekimachi Kita Elementary School of Nerima Ward
Host institution: Midori no Kaze Hiroba
Instructor: Kuni Yazawa
Facilitator: Sae Shirasaki
Staff: Yoshino Kuwahara, Ryoko Nakamura
※ This program was run by White Ship’s non-profit arm, ELAB.