We held an EGAKU session for parent-child dialogue at 9201 Gallery, 8 groups took part in the workshop. 

Elementary school students painted pictures on the theme of "My heart/soul", while middle school students and adults painted "What I Value".
It was a chance for the kids and mothers to feel and get to know each through the artworks which captured what's inside their hearts. 
The mothers got a glimpse of their kids' unfettered thoughts, while the kids had the chance to see a side of their mothers they don't usually see through their candid expressions and words.

Theme: Elementary school students - "My heart/soul" / Middle school students〜adults - "What I Value"
Program overview: EGAKU Program
Participants: 8 adults, 8 children
Venue: White Ship -Office & 9201 Gallery-
Organizer: Wonderlab
Instructor: Kunihiko Yazawa
Facilitators: Kimi Hasebe
Staff: Yoshino Kuwahara, Kazuhiro Minami, Ryoko Nakamura
※ This program was run by White Ship’s non-profit arm, ELAB.