We ran an EGAKU session for the graduating class of 2013 at Souson Elementary School in Kannami town, Shizuoka. 
These students were graduating from elementary school in March, and were preparing to embark on a new stage in their lives as they enter middle school. The prospect of change often arouses mixed feelings of hope and anticipation as well as trepidation in many of us - and 11 year olds are no different. We thought that the theme of drawing "my soul/spirit" for the EGAKU Program was particularly apt for this group. 
After the EGAKU session, we asked the students to reflect upon their time at elementary school by posing the following questions:
・What did you enjoy the most (at elementary school)?
・What do you wish you'd done better?
・What did you achieve?
・What did you learn?
This was followed by challenging them to think about what middle school holds in store for them, and to share their hopes and ambitions in their groups - what are you looking forward to the most (at middle school)? What kind of middle school student do you aspire to be?

Theme: My heart/soul
Programme overview: EGAKU Program / Post workshop discussion
Workshop participants: 29 sixth grade elementary school students (11-12 year olds)
Host institution: Kannami Town Souson Elementary School 
Instructor: Kunihiko Yazawa
Facilitator: Kimi Hasebe
Staff/Volunteers:  Kazuhiro Minami, Ryoko Nakamura, Yoshino Kuwahara
Photography/Video: Naoki Yamada
※ This program was run by White Ship’s non-profit arm, ELAB.