EGAKU Participant Interviews

Kanako Fujino

Legal department
Chemical company

It's helped me understand myself better, and also transformed my relationships with people around me into much deeper, nourishing connections.

July 2014

Hideki Ohara

Office management company

These days I'm less anxious about pleasing other people. It's an empowering feeling.

July 2014

Megumi Maeda

Multinational IT company

You never know what's going to happen, what you're going to draw… That's why I feel it brings out the real me.

July 2013

Nozomu Ando

Consulting company

Giving myself permission to slow down and focus on myself rather than constantly thinking about what was going on around me. Making time for self-reflection - that was a revelation.

June 2011

Takashi Kumon

Global business consulting company

I now have a clearer vision for my company and what I want to do.

April 2011

Mizuki Kikawa

Strategy consultant

I'm not sure I've changed. It's been a process of freeing myself from my self-limiting beliefs, of rediscovering something that's been there all the time.

May 2010

Noriko Kirishima