We ran the 2nd EGAKU session at Sekimachi Kita Elementary School this year for grades 1-2. 
The students began by carefully looking at an artist's artwork and used their imaginations to respond to the work. "It smells like muscat grapes and apples." "Inside it's fluffy like a cloud." Next they painted pictures of their hearts: "You can't see your heart, but if it had a color what color would it be?" Each participant looked inward and gave expression to their hearts in their own way. 

What did the young participants make of the session?:
"I learned that pictures make our hearts happier. Everyone's pictures were so beautiful." 
"It was the first time I painted in pastels and I'm happy I talked with my heart." 
"It was so fun. I learned that painting pictures could be so much fun." 
"It was fun seeing so many different pictures."

Theme: My heart/soul
Program overview: EGAKU Program
Participants: 24 elementary school students, a mixed group of elementary school children (1st-2nd grades)
Venue: Sekimachi Kita Elementary School, Nerima Ward, Tokyo
Host institution: Midori No Kaze Hiroba
Facilitators: Sae Shirasaki, Kaori Shishikura
Staff: Ken Morimoto, Ryoko Nakamura, Junko Sakamoto
※ This program was run by White Ship’s non-profit arm, ELAB.