We ran EGAKU for 'Yume Plan Takaban' for the 5th year in a row at Takaban Elementary School. Yet again this year many 3rd-6th graders took part in the program. First timers and veterans alike focussed their energies on capturing their hearts and minds at that moment, through their pictures. The results were pretty impressive. 

So what did they make of the experience?
"I think I managed to draw my heart" 
"The picture I painted this year, and the title are completely different from the ones two years ago." 
"It was nice to get so many comments on my picture." 
"I'm glad I managed to express both the fuzzy and clear sides of my personality." 
"Next time I want to try to draw yet another, new (aspect of my) heart." 
These testimonials are a reflection of the hard work the students put into the session - approaching it in a frame of mind at turns thoughtful and playful.

Theme: My heart/soul
Program overview: EGAKU Program
Participants: 25 elementary school students
Host institution: Yume plan Takaban
Venue: Takaban Elementary School of Meguro Ward
Facilitators: Sae Shirasaki, Kaori Shishikura
Staff: Kazuhiro Minami, Ryoko Nakamura, Junko Sakamoto
※ This program was run by White Ship’s non-profit arm, ELAB.