We held 'EGAKU (Painting) the Future with Impact Heroes' in collaboration with the Earth Company, as part of their 5th anniversary celebrations.   Impact Heroes are exceptional change-makers who have the potential to shape the future of developing countries in the Asia-Pacific. The Earth Company selects one Impact Hero a year to whom they provide support.      
For this EGAKU session we wanted to create a space for these Impact Heroes who are constantly on the run, tirelessly working to solve the social challenges in their communities to take time for themselves and recharge.  We hoped that bringing together these social entrepreneurs and Japanese business executives to share the things that matter most to them through art, would become a creative force to shape the future.   
The Impact Heroes’ comments reflecting on their experience made us realize the incredible potential for EGAKU to empower social entrepreneurs.  Going forward we hope to reach more change-makers around the world, including those working in developed countries such as Japan.   
“I learned about how different we are, but also we are the same in ideas, way of thinking and action, but aim at the same thing (betterment) progress and good change.” 
“I wish I can take this method to help youth and children in East Timor to overcome their post-conflict trauma.” 
2015 Impact Hero: Bella Galhos
(East Timor | Environmentalist, political activist)  
“I now feel that allowing myself and others the space to draw, to envision, to dream - has huge value.  For the greater good!”
“Thank you for a wonderful experience of Wonder and Awakening our creative Potential.”
2016 Impact Hero: Robin Lim
(Indonesia | Midwife)  
“I discovered a connection, a deeper connection and a tenderness and understanding that wasn’t there before.”
2017 Impact Hero: Kathy Jetñil Kijiner
(Marshall Islands | Climate change activist, poet)  
“(EGAKU) could be useful to express our imagination and dream in drawing or art.  It may expedite our process of implementation.  It may reaffirm our thought.” 
2019 Impact Hero: Wai Wai Nu
(Myanmar | Peace/political activist)

Theme:  Things That Drive You 
Program details: EGAKU Program
Participants: 10 social entrepreneurs, Earth Company supporters
Venue: White Ship –Office & 9201 Gallery-
Organizers:  Earth Company, ELAB
Corporate supporter: White Ship, Inc.
Facilitator: Kimi Hasebe
Interpreter: Ryoko Nakamura
Staff: Hiromi Ito, Nobuhiro Morita, Sotaro Tsunagi
※ This program was run by White Ship’s non-profit arm, ELAB.