We kicked off the second semester of the EGAKU the Future Program at Musashino University High School.     
The half year program (10 classes) centered on the art-based learning program - EGAKU - is designed to nurture each student’s unique power to live a creative life through a process of self-reflection, discovering the diversity of other people, and developing a reflective and enquiring mindset.
We welcomed a new group of students for the second semester program, and in this first session they looked to their inner selves to express their thoughts around, “What I value the most.” Although they were all responding to the same theme, through the diverse artworks that emerged - each a unique voice bursting with personality - the students were able to discover each others’ different ways of thinking and feeling, and experience the fascinating richness of this diversity.
Below are some of the participants’ comments:

  •  “I realized that people value different things, and the things they paint are also completely different. Each person has their own ideas and thoughts and the way they express themselves is also different. It made me think that it’s these kinds of things that will stir something new inside me. Those things that don’t matter to me but matter to other people - I realized that I hadn’t noticed these things, even though they’re really obvious.”
  • “The process of expressing ‘what I value the most’ made me realize that these things I hold dear, I want them to last.  Painting allowed me to think even deeper about the things I’m always thinking about. I don’t really like painting pictures but I think it’s interesting to express your emotions, regardless of whether you’re any good at painting.”
  • “I learned what’s important to my friend, and it made me like her even more. She’s always such a kind, gentle person, but there are a lot of things on her mind, and it made me think, I want to make sure I’m there for her.”
  • “The things I value the most have changed (since the time I painted the picture a week ago.) I thought I’d painted what I value but seeing it again today I just couldn’t feel it from the picture, instead I felt confused. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but I thought that the person I was before, and the person I am now - are completely different people. As I chipped away at the idea of the things I value, it got me wondering what’s really important. I was surprised I could express myself so easily, even through such simple lines and circles. By sharing my picture, I made so many new discoveries - that was interesting.”
  • “I learned the importance of being in touch with my emotions, as well as the importance of understanding other people by asking them about their feelings and experience. I learned that even in my daily life it’s important to actually ask the other person, to engage with them - rather than simply making assumptions about them.”

Theme:  What I value the most 
Program details: EGAKU the Future
Participants: 22 participants - grade 1 senior high school students
Venue: White Ship -Office & 9201 Gallery-, Musashino University High School
Host institution: Musashino University High School, Liberal Arts of Musashino 
Program mentors: Hiroko Takahashi, Tomomi Kaneko
Facilitator: Kimi Hasebe
Staff: Hiromi Ito
※ This program was run by White Ship’s non-profit arm, ELAB.